The Morning After: Lenovo's Project Crystal laptop looks like a Star Trek prop – Engadget

Lenovo’s Project Crystal is definitely sci-fi tech come to life. Currently, there are no plans to turn the concept laptop into a retail product. Yet. Instead, its ThinkPad division commissioned an exploration into the potential of transparent microLED panels and, sigh, AI integration.The most obvious use for the transparent laptop display would be sharing info […]

Glean wants to beat ChatGPT at its own game — in the enterprise

GenAI has its issues. But if there’s one thing it excels at, it’s surfacing answers from vast pools of data. Enter Glean, whose software connects to enterprise first- and third-party databases to field plain-English requests (e.g. “How do I invest in our company’s 401k?”) from employees, sort of like a custom ChatGPT. Launched by Arvind […]

Lenovo's Transparent Laptop Looks Really Cool –

Now the question is why you'd need something like this.Lenovo has presented its ThinkBook proof-of-concept laptop with a transparent display, and it certainly looks awesome: very futuristic and like something you'd want to boast to your friends about. But is it useful?Let's look at it first. Lenovo calls the device "the industry’s first laptop with […]

Elon Musk slams Microsoft PC laptop set-up process – The Hindu

To enjoy additional benefitsCONNECT WITH US February 27, 2024 02:58 pm | Updated 02:58 pm IST COMMents SHARE READ LATER Elon Musk on Monday criticised Microsoft [File] | Photo Credit: REUTERS Elon Musk on Monday criticised Microsoft, claiming that the company would not let him use a new PC laptop unless he made an account. […]

Text-to-speech app Speechify launches Gmail integration and voice cloning

Text-to-speech startup Speechify is launching a new version of its iOS app (v3.0) with features like a redesigned home page, the ability to scan documents, Gmail and learning platform Canvas integration, and an explore page for in-app content. Speechify is revamping its homepage to provide shortcuts to import files with options like iOS Files, Google […]

Lenovo announces latest AI-driven ThinkPad, ThinkBook laptops – GadgetMatch

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GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise hits general availability

GitHub today announced the general availability of Copilot Enterprise, the $39/month version of its code completion tool and developer-centric chatbot for large businesses. Copilot Enterprise includes all of the features of the existing Business plan, including IP indemnity, but extends this with a number of crucial features for larger teams. The highlight here is the […]