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We're back, having had to say goodbye and part with some great coworkers friends here at Engadget last week. Since then, we've covered everything at note at MWC 2024, including some sci-fi-level concepts from Lenovo that may never make it to stores but can still, well, hold our desensitized tech journalist's attention. Meanwhile, Nintendo is, once again, taking emulators and pirates to task in the courts. But this time could prove crucial for the future of emulators. A reminder: Nintendo's new console is set to launch in 2025. Coming up next week, Engadget's 20th anniversary. We're older than YouTube!
This week:
💻🛸: Lenovo’s concept laptop looks like a Star Trek prop:
🏴‍☠️🎮: Nintendo steps up its fight against game piracy:
💃📞: The Barbie phone debuts at MWC 2024
Read this:
I write reviews too! Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth takes the characters and world reintroduced with Remake and does a better job at scaling it all up. Instead of playing in a single city, this time, it’s a world tour. There’s also an expanded roster of playable characters, almost doubling Remake’s total. But there's only one big question: Does Aerith survive?
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In the Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman reports that Apple is planning to announce its new products on its website instead of hosting a spring event. Apple is expected to unveil new iPads, MacBook Airs and more.
A class action complaint filed in California on Friday accuses Apple of stifling competition in the cloud storage space for its devices, allowing iCloud to become the dominant choice.
You can get two Sonos Era 100 smart speakers for $88 off the normal price in a deal on Woot. It's almost as low as last year's Black Friday price.
Varda Space Industries has shared incredible footage captured by a camera on its W-1 capsule during its reentry through Earth's atmosphere on February 21.
Japan's SLIM lander and Intuitive Machines' Odysseus have both gone into a dormant state for the onset of lunar night. The teams will attempt to resume operations after the two-week period of darkness.
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has given Waymo permission to expand its robotaxi operations to Los Angeles and more locations in the San Francisco Peninsula despite opposition from local groups and government agencies.
Elon Musk has sued OpenAI and co-founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. He claims that OpenAI has betrayed its original mission as a non-profit endeavor by working on an artificial general intelligence “to maximize profits for Microsoft."
Meta is starting to bring the Threads API online, though it will still be some time before it’s widely accessible to developers.
Apple has walked back its decision to remove home screen web apps in the European Union (EU). After initially blaming its decision to ditch them on the Digital Markets Act’s (DMA) requirement to support non-WebKit browsers, Apple now says European users will get them back when iOS 17.4 arrives early this month.
Dune Part 2 was worth the wait — and it'll literally kick your butt.
This week, Adobe revealed an experimental audio AI tool to join its image-based ones in Photoshop. Described by the company as “an early-stage generative AI music generation and editing tool,” Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control can create music from text prompts, which it can then fine-tune.
Spotify is now offering a subscription tier just for audiobooks. It costs $10 per month and includes the same 15 hours of listening time as a Premium plan.
Mark Zuckerberg’s recent PR blitz is neither out of character nor a sign of a freshly rehabbed image.
No matter how convoluted and expensive streaming video services become, I’ll always think: At least it’s better than watching this thing over dial-up.
This Saturday, on March 2, 2024, Engadget turns 20. To mark the occasion, our team has prepared almost 20 articles about the tech industry over the past two decades, the products that truly made an impact and how tech has changed our lives.
The new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is on sale for a record low of $40. That’s a discount of $20 or 33 percent.
This week's best tech deals include a PS5 bundle for $450, the Apple AirPods Pro for $189 and a bunch of discounts on Anker accessories.
Intuit is shutting down its popular Mint app in March 2024. Engadget tested a bunch of popular alternatives. Here are our favorites.
While it’s a bit pricey, the Razer Blade 14 delivers almost everything you could want in a portable gaming laptop.
Fisker has announced it will lay off 15 percent of its workforce — about 200 people. It's also searching for a production partner for future models.
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